Kingdom Kids Before and Aftercare

The Kingdom Kids Before and Aftercare program is designed to assist the parents in the community who either have to be to work early or come home a little later than others.


The hours of operation are Monday – Friday
Beforecare 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Aftercare 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm*
Here at KKCDC Before and Aftercare your children don’t just wait for you to pick them up. They have a schedule that is followed which covers everything from Homework to what happened in school. A daily schedule is listed below:
  • Homework: Children come in and sit for 30 mins to complete homework
  • Reading: Any child that does not have homework will read for 10 minutes or have a story read to them by a counselor
  • Snack: Children are provided a light snack and drink for 15 minutes
  • Independent Learning: Children break into groups of two 3&4 year olds learn their letters, shapes and numbers while the 6-11 year olds learn math and English with counselors.
  • Open Discussion: children get the opportunity to talk to counselors about their day in school, what they leaned and what they want from the aftercare counselors
  • Playroom/Outside: Children are allowed to spend the remainder of the day in the playroom with toys or will play on the playground across the street

*If your child needs to be picked up early, special provisions can be made upon request.