Our Mission

Springfield Baptist Church is on a mission to make a difference in our community, our church, and homes with the Greater Love of Christ Through Evangelism, Discipleship and Community Outreach.


Our Vision

Springfield Baptist Church has historically been, and shall remain, a leader congregation. As a leader congregation we study and implement creative, relevant ministry.

Springfield Baptist Church is multi- and intergenerational Christian faith community offering effective ministry for every stage of life.  As such, Springfield Baptist Church balances the best of the past, the present and the future.

Springfield Baptist Church is a center for powerful worship.  Springfield Baptist Church provides the most effective elements of congregational worship (i.e. effective preaching/teaching, quality music ministry, and flow of worship).

Springfield Baptist Church is a spiritual seedbed for personal discovery of Christian covenantal identity, community, meaning and hope throughout the DC Metro area, the surrounding regions and the world.


  Our Core Values

God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit                                 Love                                                                Stewardship
          The Gospel of Jesus Christ                                         Faith                                                   Efficiency and Effectiveness
         The Local Missional Church                                        Hope                                                        Financial Integrity and
                The Global Kingdom                                              Unity                                                                 Accountability
               Relationship Building                                           Balance                                                             Debt Reduction
        Faithful Biblical Stewardship                                   Teamwork                                                  Effective Communication