Our History


– Five Founders are Jefferson Yeldell, Annie Mae Yeldell, J.D. Mobley, Lettie Edelmann & J.R. Carter

– Springfield Baptist Church was Organized in Washington, DC 1939

– Springfield Baptist Church was born inside of a store front on 7th Street NW, Washington, DC

– Purchased and relocated to 508 P Street (Formerly Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church), 1941

– Renowned Gospel Singer Edna Gallmon Cooke began her singing ministry at Springfield Baptist Church


The History of Springfield

Three out of five of the founding family’s home church was originally in Edgefield, SC., and it was also named Springfield Baptist Church. Like all travelers to a new place, their goal was to bring a little bit of home to their new place of residence in Washington, D.C.

On November 17, 1939 Jefferson and Annie Mae Yeldell, Mr. J.D. Mobley, Mr. J.R. Carter and Mrs. Lettie Eddleman participated in the devotional services for the organizational meeting of Springfield Baptist Church at the home of Mrs Josie Cheeter. This meeting decided on where the first church would be. The doors of the church opened for the first worship service at 1337-7th Street, NW on November 23, 1939. The first congregation worked together and did whatever necessary to ensure that Springfield would prosper. Reverend Westley Shorter was chosen to serve as acting pastor. He did so until Deacon J. Leech of Southern Baptist Church recommended the Reverend Eddie J. Gallmon to Jefferson D. Yeldell.

Rev. Eddie J. Gallmon

First Pastor

Reverend Gallmon accepted the offer receiving the title as the first Pastor of Springfield Baptist Church. Reverend Gallmon was pastor for 13 years bringing about change and growth during the renaissance age for Black Americans. In November 1941 … more

Rev. H.C. Mack

Pastor, 1952-1954

Rev. H.C. Mack, who was the assistant to Rev. Gallmon, served as the second pastor for two years immediately after Rev. Gallmon death. During his tenure as pastor he started the live radio broadcast and organized the Ever-Ready Choir.

Rev. J. H. Marshall

Pastor, 1954-1959

Rev. J. H. Marshall came on to the scene in 1954. Under his administration two properties were purchased, the church constitution and bylaws were instituted, the tithing program was started and he began the printing of the church bulletin. … more

Rev. J.J. Abney

Pastor, 1960-1963

In January of 1960 Reverend J.J. Abney was installed. During his administration two more properties were purchased, and 506 P Street property was put to use as an educational unit. That property housed the first Vacation Bible School. Rev. Abney … more

Rev. H. Wesley Wiley

Pastor, 1964-1969

In February of 1964 Rev. H. Wesley Wiley became the new pastor. His administration broke the two hundred member barrier mark. Pastor Wiley resigned to become the Director of Metropolitan Ministries for Baptists in the Washington DC area. During … more

Rev. Dr. Louis Benjamin Jones, Sr.

Pastor, 1971-2008

In 1971 Springfield brought in Pastor L.B. Jones. Pastor Jones holds the record as the longest serving pastor for Springfield Baptist Church. Under his almost 40 year-long administration the building we are currently in was erected and several … more

Rev. Dr. Carl Que Hickerson

Pastor, 2011 – 2018

In July 2011 the Reverend Dr. Carl Que Hickerson was installed as the 7th Pastor of Springfield Baptist Church. During his tenure, Springfield went through many societal and cultural shifts and is now in a position to discern where God is working and joining Him in serving this present age. … more