Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids Child Development Center

508 P Street, N.W.
Washington, DC   20001
t. 202.234.4291
f. 202.332.3149

Mission Statement

The mission of Springfield Baptist Church “Kingdom Kids Child Development Center”  is to provide a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for children ages six weeks to 4 years. Our focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience, promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents complete peace of mind, while being seen as a shining example of what a quality childcare center should be.

Vision Statement

The ultimate vision we have for our facility is twofold, and rooted in both the present and the future.

For the present, our goal is for parents to feel good about  their childcare choice, and that the children are safe, engaged, educated, and smiling. And for the future, we want these children to warmly look back at their experience with us, and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.